Machinery Capability

In 2006 Blainville Mouldings Plus expanded its facility to enable the housing of its different departments. This provided us an opportunity to utilize space in a cost-efficient manner while at the same time increasing our capacity. 

Blainville Mouldings Plus utilizes 112,000 square feet of operational space and an enclosed manufacturing space of 32,000 square feet.  We house state of the art machinery to provide you with accurate and well machined products.

In the process of every order for mouldings all profiles require a CAD drawing with a detailed description of all important elements. The requirements are noted such as tolerances and showing face of the utilized product. The production order will indicate the lengths utilized, the exact measure, the species, the delivery date required and any specifications that are important to this order.

Our expertise is in the production of linear mouldings in large volume and we can as well provide our clients with special or smaller requests.

For large capacity we have housed in one building a German optimizing saw capable of handling lumber that is 20’ long. This piece of equipment and its lay-out has increased by twice our capacity in this department.

For precision cutting to the exact size we operate two optimizers. These will give us very accurate cutting tolerances and provide us with a capability to produce 600'/min.