Our Services


Interior Millwork

We offer you choices of existing tooling of our extensive range of architectural or commodity profiles.

We can accommodate your needs for special projects with our custom milling capabilities.



Kitchen Cabinet Components

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to provide you with components needed to create quality cabinets.

You can rely on our capability to duplicate precisely every subsequent order.




Please visit our affiliated company www.solukit.ca for special wood products such as our patented stair treads system Zenko® and Zenka®which consists of covering existing particle board or damaged wood stairs with a real wood tread, minimizing the installation process. We also offer solid treads, laminated countertops, butcher blocks, floating shelves, solid shelves and much more.

Transition Mouldings

Blainville Mouldings Plus transition profiles will complement any flooring.  

They are available in the finest North american or imported exotic species.  A selection of mouldings from our distinctive repertoire can build the most comprehensive program suited to your needs.



Furniture Components

Our oustanding craftmanship can fulfill your unique styles.

Blainville Mouldings Plus reputation was built by providing components of distinction to the furniture industry.




At Blainville Mouldings Plus we have established a solid reputation through a firm commitment of providing our clients with outstanding service and quality products.

Our mission is to continually improve our products and service to meet our customers' needs.  This is achieved through continuous education on our part of our industry's progression.

We have through technology and selective purchasing, made a large impact on the volume of waste we develop.  These initiatives have made an important contribution on our part in our environment.

We take relations further by remaining in continual communication assuring your satisfaction. Relations with clients are cemented with expectations fulfilled and products delivered.

On time delivery of complete orders can be a challenge.  At Blainville Mouldings Plus, we have instituted procedures and systems to insure a reasonable ship date consistently.

We have partnered with clients on many important projects around the globe.  We look forward to serve your needs wherever they will lead us.